My main goal as an artist is to create a loaded space which sets its inhabitants in particular psycho-emotional and mental states. Painting has been the primary but I have recently started including sculpture, video installation, and soundscape. On a conscious level, my focus is purely on colors and simple shapes. The underlying meaning, or message, emerges almost behind my back. My work exposes the deep imprint that the modern social reality has left on me, as well as my efforts to overcome it. The message is all too clear – the lonely capsuled self in the vast frenzy reality. Despite the evident message in my work, I would rather its viewers are left feeling, not thinking. Seeing that any message can be perceived at various levels – sensual, psycho-emotional, mental, I believe that the conceptual aspect of my work serves to complement the aesthetic aspect. It is difficult to find one’s place, one’s meaningful task in the modern reality. A decisive challenge finding a sustainable equilibrium between, on the one hand – individual selves and society, and, on the other hand – harmony and action. It is to this quest that I devote myself and my work.



  • 2020
    • Solo Exhibition in Vidima Gallery, Sevlievo
  • 2019
    • Solo Exhibition in Adora Gallery, Sofia
  • 2018
    • Incheon International Art Fair, South Korea
    • Solo Exhibition in The House of Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria
    • Solo Exhibition in [a] Cube Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
    • Solo Exhibition in The Art Foundation Gallery, Sofia
  • 2017
    • Solo Exhibition in Niche Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
    • Solo Exhibition in Iwase Museum, Sakuragawa, Japan
    • Solo Exhibition in [a] Cube Gallery, Sofia
    • Group Exhibition “Lexotan”, at Red Dot Gallery, Sofia
  • 2016
    • Solo Exhibition in Art Foundation Gallery, Sofia
    • Group Exhibition in [a] Cube Gallery, Sofia
    • Solo Exhibition in Ikar Gallery, Sofia
  • 2015
    • Solo Exhibition in Carre d’Artistes Gallery, Cologne, Germany
  • 2014
    • Group Exhibition in GehAcht Kunstraum, Dresden, Germany
  • 2013
    • Solo exhibition in Jean-Pierre Barbance Gallery, Paris, France
    • Group exhibition in Hotel de la Sure Art Gallery, Luxembourg
  • 2012
    • Solo exhibition in Red House Cultural Center, Sofia
  • 2009
    • Solo exhibition in Green Cat Gallery, Sofia
  • 2008
    • Solo exhibition in Bulgarian Cultural Institute, Berlin, Germany
    • Solo exhibition in Ikar Gallery, Sofia
  • 2007
    • Solo exhibition in Punto Gallery, Sofia
  • 2006
    • Solo exhibition in Autograph Gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
    • Group exhibition in Ankara Art Forum, Ankara, Turkey
  • 2005
    • Solo exhibition in Bogoridi Gallery, Burgas, Bulgaria
  • 2004
    • Solo exhibition in Natalie Gallery, Sofia
    • Solo exhibition in Bulgaria Hall Gallery, Sofia